Dwayne Johnson Reveals Plot About The ‘Rampage’ Film

Yes, it’s true that Midway‘s Rampage video game is getting a big screen adaption that has Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. Most of the fans of the Rampage games were pretty much against the wall over this film being made; mainly because of the games outlandish story, but it seems like New Line […]

Universal Pictures’ Firestarter Remake Gets Director

It should come as no surprise that another classic is about to get a remake & that it’s another Stephen King classic. With Stephen King’s IT already rocking the Stephen King fan base & is causing non-Stephen King fans to research just what’s the hype around IT. Universal Pictures & Blumhouse Productions is moving forward […]

James Cromwell Reveals Details About His Character In Jurassic World 2

Universal Pictures is definitely aiming to bringing out the big guns with casting, especially with the announcement of Jeff Goldblum’s return to the franchise, which has blown fans away & has them definitely looking forward to seeing the sequel. During an interview with Larry King, James Cromwell gave viewers & fans some jnteresting details […]

Kong: Skull Island Screening (NYC)

The time is upon us, the return of the King is here! Next week, moviegoers & kaiju fans will get the chance to see King Kong return to the big screen in Kong: Skull Island. 4 Geeks Like You & Warner Bros. Pictures are teaming up to let our fans attend an early screening for […]

Get Out Review

When most people think of Jordan Peele, they think solely about his MADtv days, Key & Peele show or his recent comedic film Keanu, which he starred in alongside his longtime comedic partner Kegan-Michael Key. So when the first trailer for Get Out hit, most people were both confused & surprised that Peele would tackle […]

Uncharted Movie Has A Rated R Script

The last update we got for Sony’s upcoming Uncharted film was back in January when  Joe Carnahan teased fans with the front page of the script via Instagram. With no cast announced for the film, most thought the next piece of news to arrive would reveal who would be playing Nathan Draken, but we actually got […]

Guillermo del Toro Confirms There Will Be No Hellboy III

For years, Hellboy fans have been shadowing Guillermo del Toro’s every move to find out whether he was planning to move forward with the last Hellboy film & when we’d see it. Even with del Toro teasing fans with the direction he wanted to go in with his third Hellboy film, he’s finally officially announced […]