Dragon Ball Super, Episode 65 – “Final Judgement?! The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power!” Review

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Nobody currently watching Dragon Ball Super can say that the series is slowing down or is becoming uninteresting, because ever since Goku & Vegeta started throwing down with Zamasu & Black, these episodes have be solid! Pushing aside my excitement for what it to come in future episodes, last week’s episode left us with our jaws on the floor, but also with a glimmer of hope that we might see an iconic fusion from days of old.

As expected, the Zamasu fusion, Zamasu, is definitely overpowered, but not so overpowered that Goku & Vegeta can’t hold their own – to an extent. Zamasu adds a halo to his new fusion form, which not only makes him look devilishly cooler but also makes him somehow stronger. Although Vegeta & Goku were able to hold off Zamasu’s attack at Bulma, Mai & Trunks, they were hit hard by his multiple red energy blades that exploded next to them – sending them flying back in pain.

We did get a taste of humor & despair, when we spent some time with the refugees & Yajirobe. One of the humans went up to see what was going on above, & he was instantly killed by an energy attack from Zamasu. Of course, after all of the refugees said they’d go above to see why the man was killed, Yajirobe said he’d do it, but was somewhat upset that everyone then told him he should go.


After the chuckles from that somewhat somber scene, we get some more Goku & Vegeta vs Zamasu action, & I must say that it was definitely entertaining. Zamasu is incredibly stronger than before, & he gives us a taste of the scale of his power with his Lightning of Absolution attack. I mean, the energy around him formed into the shape of a bird! This reminds me of an anime that some old school anime fans might know called Flames of Recca, but I digress. Watching Goku & Vegeta put their all into that Attack against Zamasu was a powerful moment. For those of you that have been with the Dragon Ball series from the beginning, this scene was reminiscent of all the times Goku shot forward & burst throw a villain.

Although it was a powerful attack, Zamasu catches both of their firsts & sent Vegeta & Goku down for a short but heavy count, as Trunks reached them. After seeing his father injured, Trunks let in the rage & took off after Zamasu. If you were expecting Trunks to somehow speed off towards Zamasu as a Super Saiyan Blue, you set yourself up for disappointment. But to be honest, Trunks held his own & for awhile, even held back Zamasu’s attacks.


The highlight of the episode has to be when Trunks did his father’s Galick Gun against Zamasu’s attack, to which Vegeta stepped in doing his Galick Gun – making this the first time fans got the chance to witness the Father-Son Galick Gun! I swear I got chills seeing this – mainly because we’ve witnessed Vegeta feeling for Future Trunks growing throughout this saga, & this really sealed the father & son moment.

Even when the smoke cleared & revealed that Zamasu was unaffected by the Father-Son Galick Gun, it was still a powerful scene to hold onto. But just as Zamasu was about to give Vegeta & Trunks the final cut, Goku stepped it & fired a Kamehameha & Zamasu, who in return fired the same energy attack he fired at Trunks. The episode leaves us with Goku’s Kamehameha pushing back Zamasu’s attack & an explosion going off. Whether or not Goku wins that struggle will be brought to light next week, but for now, we can only assume that he didn’t.

Added Note


I couldn’t have been the only one that was surprised & somewhat excited to see 8-chan alive & well. For those of you that don’t know who that is & thought it was Frankenstein in the mountains, 8-chan first appeared in Dragon Ball’s Red Ribbon Army Saga, where he fought Goku & later befriended him. Without taking a further trip down memory lane, it was really good to see him & Akira Toriyama definitely gave fans a wink with that reveal.


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