Gohan & Goku Are Set To Fight In Upcoming Episode Of Dragon Ball Super

I am certain that most fans of Dragon Ball Super lost their minds when they saw Gohan transform into Mystic Gohan again. Not only did he tap into that dormant power again, but Piccolo also stated that he sensed Gohan still had more power to unleash, which caused some spectators & theorist to assume that Gohan may surpass Goku.

A new scan leaked today that confirms that Gohan will get the chance to prove his worth against his father & Tien. According to the scan, Gohan & Piccolo will team up to spar against Goku & Tien before the Universal Tournament. This exciting episode will air on May 14th! Take a look at the scan below, which was translated by Todd Balnkership (Herms98). The synopsis is described as follows:

Through his training with Piccolo, Gohan came to realize that the one he must surpass is his father Goku. So he teams up with Piccolo and they take on the duo of Gokuu and Tien! Facing Gohan, who has finished his training, has now obtained unprecedented power! What will Goku do now?! What is this method Piccolo used to bring out Gohan’s power? Gohan, much surpass his father!! And after the team battle, impressed by his son’s power, Goku will challenge Gohan to a 1-vs-1 fight!

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