Hulu Reveals New Ad Feature

As a patron of the famed streaming site Hulu, I am completely happy. They almost had me convinced to give up my Netflix and chill. However, information just hit that Hulu will now run ads when you pause the show that you are watching. This intrusion of advertisement can now pose as a slight issue for the patrons who have purchased the no ad feature of Hulu.

This supposed “experiment” called Pause Ad will “provided a non-intrusive, viewer-initiated ad experience that is both delighting to viewers and effective for brands,” as stated on Hulu’s official website. This new feature is set to roll out 2nd quarter of 2019, using the top two national brands Coca-Cola and Charmin as beta advertising partners. Below is a video that exemplifies what this new advertisement project would look like. Take a look and let us know what you think? You already know how I feel.

The beta test for the new “Pause Ad” campaign.

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