Into The Badlands Season 2, Episode 8 – Sting of The Scorpion’s Tail Review

And so it begins… Now when I said in last week’s review that I wanted to see more of the alliance between Quinn and The Widow, the opening 1:55 is exactly what I was waiting for. This opening fight between The Widow and her “Butterflies” against Baron Hassan and who I can only assume was his regent was enough to get the appetite whet for the rest of what’s to come. With so much having transpired by the end of the episode, I can only imagine what’s left in store for the season. Let’s jump right in shall we?

Apparently there is a deal in place for all of the people being smuggled in to be immediately sold to the Baron for a profit. After being thrown into a cell within Baron Chau’s compound, Sunny decides to use some quick thinking to strike a deal with Chau for his freedom. Baijie, the self-proclaimed “King of Bullshit” is immediately onto what Sunny is thinking and tells him there’s no way out. Luckily, Sunny used to be the baddest clipper in the land and he’s got something that Baron Chau wants.

After requesting an audience with Baron Chau, she tells him that The Badlands are in turmoil due to the Quinn/Widow partnership. As surprised as he is by the news of Quinn still being alive, he claims that with this help, he can help draw out both The Widow and Quinn. All of this of course in return for his and MK’s freedom. Well where does that leave Baijie?? Sunny has it all planned out. During a brief “parting of ways” between the group, Sunny slips something in Baijie’s pocket unbeknownst to him. Already, things are setting up for something big to go down. The bond that Sunny and Baijie have formed over the course of the season although seemingly tenuous at times, shows that they really do have each other’s back. It’s good to see Sunny building up a solid team behind him for the path ahead.

After that amazing opening scene we return to The Widow, Tilda and Butterflies in tow, descending into Quinn’s underground hideout. As Tilda voices her concern over their safety, The Widow reassures her that she always has a contingency plan in place should things go south. As Quinn steps in the room, he greets The Widow and tells his men to bring out the “gifts”. What seems to be an offering between the two on the grounds of keeping their alliance intact, Quinn opens a box with the severed head of Baron Broadmoore only for The Widow to return the favor by showing him the severed head of Baron Hassan whom she had killed earlier. Quinn also divulges that he brought along the heads of the Baron’s wives and children as well. The tension rises as The Widow tells him that killing women and children was not a part of their deal. Did she really expect anything more from Quinn? After all that she knows that he is capable of, regardless of their current temporary alliance, I feel like she should have known already that he would color outside the lines so to speak. After they exit to go talk strategy, Tilda spots Veil. They have a brief conversation consisting of Tilda apologizing to Veil for The Widow’s betrayal (In order to strike an alliance, The Widow turned Veil and Henry back over to Quinn). Veil then walks off but not before responding “You’re apologies can’t help me, The Widow isn’t all that she is making herself out to be”.

I don’t want to give away too much of what else happens in the episode (because there is A LOT), but I really want to focus on (SPOILER ALERT!!)this brand new Sunny/Widow alliance. The fact that my two favorite character’s on the show have teamed up has me super hyped, not to mention this relationship has formed because of their mutual hate for The Widow’s current partner Quinn has me even more excited. I had a feeling that due to their past history that The Widow would dump her truce with Quinn sooner or later; but for her to form a side alliance with Sunny in order to further her agenda, whilst getting rid of him in the process? Amazing. Over the course of the season we’ve come to discover that Quinn was not only alive, but had Veil and Sunny’s son Henry with him as their protector/captor. I really can’t wait to see what happens when Sunny and Quinn square off again.

The writers have upped the ante even further this episode. With alliances being broken and new one’s formed, everything is seemingly coming to a big close over the next two episodes. One thing is for sure, this season finale is going to be something very special.

Into The Badlands Season 2, Episode 8 - Sting of The Scorpion's Tail Review

Into The Badlands Season 2, Episode 8 - Sting of The Scorpion's Tail Review


  •  The Alliance formed by Sunny and The Widow will have longer lasting ramifications
  • The team up between Sunny and The Widow was a great move
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