Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Series Has A Name: The Mandalorian


With the recently confirmed slowdown of future Star Wars content, one thing has remained sure: that the live action series being written and produced by Jon Favreau – creator of the first two Iron Man films, as well as Disney’s live action Jungle Book and the upcoming Lion King film – is still on its way. We’ve known that the series is planned for Disney’s streaming service for some time, but the subject matter was still unknown – and with all the places currently open in the Star Wars for content, theories have been everywhere about what and when it could possibly be about.

Today, we have our answer: the new series, The Mandalorian, is set to take place after the fall of the Empire – which is to say, The Return of the Jedi – but before the rise of the First Order that bedevil the sequel trilogy. Lorewise, this would actually place it quite a bit before The Force Awakens: the series will instead cover the large thirty year gap between episodes, a period previously only approached by graphic novels and books, such as Aftermath.

As the name immediately calls to mind for Star Wars fans, the Mandalorian stars a warrior from Mandalore – the planet where everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett and his father Jango come from (or at least their armor – continuity can be complicated). Mandalore has gotten quite a bit of attention in television in the last few years: The Clone Wars and Rebels chart its doomed attempt to build itself as a peaceful civilization, before being splintered and falling into warlike clan rule. Sabine Wren, one of the primary characters from Rebels, is a Mandalorian.

We don’t know much more about the series, except that the warrior protagonist is definitely not Jango or Boba Fett, but is a newcomer described as “a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.” As that may be the most spaghetti western synopsis the series has ever had, we can probably expect some frontier lawman – or outlaw – action: similar to the tone that Solo sported earlier this year.

Either way, the series has been aching for some good old fashioned bounty hunter action, and with Favreau’s track record we should expect him to deliver. And if we get a cool new armored badass out of the deal, more’s the better.

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