Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool Sequel

It was great to hear that 20th Century Fox was moving ahead with Ryan Reynolds & Tim Miller on the sequel to this years Deadpool film. The film not only rocked the box office & broke records, but it did well with fans & moviegoers across the board. However, things seem to be a bit rocky over at 20th Century Fox with the Deadpool sequel.

News broke today that Tim Miller is departing the sequel to Deadpool over creative differences. According to Deadline, the problem is more with Miller & Reynolds than it is with the studio. Although it might hurt to see Miller depart, especially after seeing how he did with the first film, this is a minor bump that will soon be overcome by the presence of a new director.

Deadpool 2 will have Ryan Reynolds coming back to reprise the role of Deadpool, & it will be Cable’s debut on the big screen.

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