My Hero Academia Episode 110 – ‘Sad Man’s Parade’ Review

The Meta Liberation Army should have thought Twice before starting a fight with the League of Villains.

After being captured, Twice can do nothing as Skeptic’s “Twice” puppets attempt to restrain him, while the others attempt to kill the unconscious Himiko. In the tower, Giran is surprised to learn that Twice is there, as Re-Destro and Skeptic explain that they plan to take advantage of his psychological trauma by taking off his mask to “break him.” Once his mask has been removed, Twice goes on a mental rampage in his mind as he worries about splitting. As well as seeing “himself,” Skeptic’s puppets trying to snap Himiko Toga’s neck, whom of which he has a crush on.

Twice recounts his past, recalling a moment when he was 16 where he accidentally ran over a pedestrian with his motorcycle, resulting in them getting a broken arm. Though he was going the speed limit, the officer informs him that he may receive a criminal record due to this encounter but ensured him that he would pick himself back up after this. However, we learn that the man whose arm was broken was an executive with one of the clients at his workplace, leading to him being fired. Due to his parents passing away when he was in middle school and having no close relatives, Twice only had his doubles to keep him company. His doubles would comment on his natural bad luck, while all he wanted was to be with someone with mutual trust and understanding. He decided to create more doubles of himself, enjoying committing crimes until he reached his biggest mistake. Once again, he was left alone with no one to trust after his doubles turned on him and left. Having gone insane due to the incident, a bag-wearing twice meets with Giran and explains how his doubles disappear when they take damage equivalent to that of a broken bone. Giran mentions that all of the crimes have put him on the national wanted list and that his quirk could take down a country if used properly. Now, looking for some purpose, Giran informs Twice of a new group in the works, one of which could some someone with his talents.

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Back in the present, Twice manages to break out of the puppet’s grasp, only to be punched and held back once again. Skeptic orders the puppets to break his arms and to get more violent with Toga, who is awakening. Then, faced with the pain of his arms being broken, Twice finally realizes he is not a double and unleashes thousands of doubles of himself. With the determination to not let his friends die, he helps turn the tide in the League’s favor.

Twice’s double reaches Re-Destro’s tower to rescue Giran but is no match for Re-Destro’s speed and strength, even with doubles of the League on his side. Shigaraki decays the base of the tower, bringing it all crumbling down. While the Twice doubles protect Giran, Shigaraki comes face-to-face with Re-Destro. To ensure Shigaraki’s survival, Doctor Ujiko calls upon Gigantomachia, urging him to protect All For One’s successor.

Twice is the highlight of this episode, but there’s still so much more going on. The duel between Dabi and Geten rages on, Shigaraki and Spinner are confronted by Trumpet’s loyal followers, and Gigantomachia awakens from his slumber, rushing toward All For One’s successor at a terrifying speed. Twice and his clones find their way to Re-Destro’s tower, where the Meta Liberation Army leader shows off a fraction of his tremendous strength. The clones distract Re-Destro long enough for the real Shigaraki to get in close and destroy the tower. All in all, the show has really seemed to pick up and take off with clear path insight.

My Hero Academia Episode 110 - 'Sad Man's Parade' Review




  • More backstory on Twice
  • Immaculate animation, very fluid
  • This is a moving and inspirational episode


  • Trama related scenes could be difficult to watch

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