Gohan Is Ready For Battle In New Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer

Toei Animation posted the official trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero this morning & it has some fans very excited. The new trailer not only shows new footage but a chunk of the new footage is centered on Gohan! Check out the new trailer below.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will hit theaters on April 22, 2022! The film is being produced & written by Akira Toriyama & will star Masako Nozawa (Goku, Gohan), Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo), Yūko Minaguchi (Pan), Ryō Horikawar (Vegeta), Mayumi Tanaka (Krillin), Aya Hisakawa (Bulma), Bin Shimada (Broly), Ken Uo (Korin), Aya Hirano (Dende), Hiroshi Kamiya (Gamma #1), Mamoru Miyano (Gamma #2).

The film will be stepping away from the traditional anime art style & going for the 3D animated style.

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