Soul Hackers 2 Is Heading to Consoles This Summer

Surprise, surprise! Atlus gave Devil Summoner fans a treat this morning with the first trailer for Soul Hackers 2! Soul Hackers is the sequel to 1997’s Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, released on the Sega Saturn, PlayStation & later the Nintendo DS.

Gamers will play as Ringo, one of Aion’s agents & is a Newborn being with an intense curiosity about society, culture, & human emotions. Ringo is joined by Fig, Milady, Saizo & Arrow, who will fight to stop the apocalypse. Atlus’ synopsis for the game is as follows: ‘In a war between devil summoners, it’s up to Ringo and her team to decrypt destiny and save the world from apocalypse!’ 

The game has a release date set for August 25, 2022, & will be released on the Playstation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC.

1997’s Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers takes place in the small fictitious harbor town Amami City in Japan. The company Algon Soft has made Amami its headquarters, which has led to the technology in the city quickly being upgraded; Algon Soft has connected every home and business in the city to its new network to demonstrate how a “city of tomorrow” could work. The Japanese government is impressed and grants Algon Soft permission to expand the network across the rest of Japan in the coming years. It also takes place in the virtual world Paradigm X on Algon Soft’s servers, where the citizens of Amami can visit virtual attractions. The player character is a young man who is a member of the hacking group Spookies, founded by a man called Spooky. The other group members are Six, Lunch, Yu-Ichi, and the player character’s friend Hitomi Tono. The group mainly hacks the city’s network for fun or to play harmless pranks, but Spooky holds a grudge against Algon Soft. Among other recurring characters are the demon Nemissa, who possesses Hitomi, and Kinap, who teaches the player character to enter the souls of people who have recently died.

Preorders for the game will include Persona 5 costumes, a feature to change the music & items that will increase strength.