Andy Muschietti Gears Up To Adapt H.G. Wells The Time Machine

Andy Muschietti is definitely rising high & fast above most in Hollywood these days. With IT: Chapter 2 wrapping up & Attack in Titan in his grasp, you’d think Muschietti’s plate would be full & that he’d eye a break soon, but we know this isn’t the case.

It was co fimed today that Muschietti will be adapting H.G. Wells The Time Machine on the big screen. This will not be the first time that moviegoers will be seeing an adaption of this book on the big screen. The Time Machine was adapted into three feature films & two television films. The last big screen adaption of The Time Machine was the 2002 film that starred Guy Pearce & was directed by Simon Wells, the great-grandson of H.G. Wells. Warner Bros. Pictures will be developing the film with Paramount Pictures.

The book’s protagonist is an English scientist and gentleman inventor living in Richmond, Surrey, in Victorian England, and identified by a narrator simply as the Time Traveller. The narrator recounts the Traveller’s lecture to his weekly dinner guests that time is simply a fourth dimension and his demonstration of a tabletop model machine for travelling through it. He reveals that he has built a machine capable of carrying a person through time, and returns at dinner the following week to recount a remarkable tale, becoming the new narrator.

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