Bandai Namco Reveals Announcement Trailer For Dragon Ball Project Z Game

Bandai Namco revealed their trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s season 2, which rocked the house with fans, because of the major reveal of Super Saiyan Gogeta & Broly from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie!

Bandai Namco, however, wasn’t done with hitting us with some Dragon Ball news! As promised, they revealed news about the upcoming Dragon Ball Project Z game via an announcement trailer! The new game, which is still untitled, will be an action rpg & the trailer revealed that it will at least focus on Goku’s story from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z to the Frieza saga. We also get to see Goku walking around the Dragon Ball Z world! Check out the trailer below.

The Dragon Ball Z game will hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam this year!

DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z_ Announcement Trailer _ PS4_ X1_ PC

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