Kingdoms Hearts 4 Teaser Revealed With Gameplay

Yes! Great news for those of us who are hungering for a follow-up to 2018’s Kingdom Hearts 3! Square Enix announced two new Kingdom Hearts games & one of them is Kingdom Hearts 4!

The first game is will be heading to the Android/iOS & is titled Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

Now, the Kingdom Hearts 4 footage focused on Sora, who looks a little older, waking up in a large city & he comes across Strelitzia, who some might know from the Kingdom Hearts Union χ video game. The trailer surprisingly showed us some gameplay of Sora fighting a giant Heartless in the middle of the city. We got to see Sora summon his Keyblade & jump around on buildings to slay this monster.

At the end of the trailer, we see Donald & Goofy, but a mysterious figure appears & approaches Donald & Goofy startling them, which afterwards causing the screen to fade to black.

The Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link game is set to release this year while the Kingdom Hearts 4 game doesn’t have a release date. Check out the trailer below.