It’s Finally Here! Microsoft Revealed Pre-Order Date & Price For Xbox Series X

It was only a few months ago that Microsoft revealed their next-gen console, the Xbox Series X. The console may not have spiked hype levels within the gaming community, but the presentation & interest in the console from gamers remained grounded. One of the significant issues gamers had with the next-gen consoles is that there seems to be a game of cat & mouse going on with Microsoft & Sony being that neither one has released their prices for their next-gen consoles. However, most expected a follow-up from Microsoft after they revealed the Xbox Series S price which is $299 & its release date set for November 10, 2020.

Microsoft confirmed today that the Xbox Series X is being priced at $499 & pre-orders will go live September 22nd! The Series X & Series S will release on November 10th. You can check the image& Tweet below.

Microsoft’s move may confirm the circulating rumor that Sony plans on having an event on September 9th that will reveal the release date & also let gamers pre-order the PlayStation 5. Still, we can only sit & wait to see what Sony will do as most knew Sony was waiting for Microsoft to drop their price first.

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