One Piece Chapter 1022: “The Stars Take the Stage” Review

This week’s One Piece Chapter 1022 picks back up after Nico Robin defeats Black Maria, with the assist of Brooks defeating Black Maria’s army on the island of Onigashima. With another victory for the Straw Hat Pirates crew, the battle on Onigashima is starting to look brighter for Luffy and the rest of his crew.

In this chapter, we also got a cover request from RYE. RYE requested Oda to do a cover of ‘A Frog playing hide-and-seek with the Tontatta tribe on Hydrangea flowers.’ In this cover request, we see Leo looking for the rest of his Tontatta tribe members in a game of hide-and-seek. The most notable members hiding from Leo are Bomba, Cotton, Wicca, Tonta Chief Gancho, and Princess Mansherry. The cover request gives an amazing visual of how the Tontatta tribe would play hide-and-seek with large environments and what the Tontatta tribe may do in their free time.

We now see the progress on Onigashima, resulting in three of the Tobiroppo members being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates crew. As shown:

  • Jimbei’s victory over Who’s-Who.
  • Franky’s win over Sasaki.
  • Robin previously defeating Black Maria.

The scene then cuts away to Raizo versus Fukurokju, as the two exchange dialogues on why the two align themselves opposite of each other. The fight between the two seems to show Fukurokju’s current upper hand against Raizo; however, it didn’t seem to stop Raizo from continuing fighting. Instead, he gives a speech showing what motivates him to win this fight.

The next battle shown in this chapter is between Killer battling against Basil Hawkins. For what seems to be a trap set up by Basil for Killer; as it appears Basil’s been using his Devil Fruit ability to create Straw-dolls to take his place, instead of him taking the actual physical damage. Basil Hawkins then tells Killer that the damage applied to him may damage someone he knows. We then see that the person that took Basil’s injuries was Eutass Kid, Killer’s Captain.

We then cut away to the next floor, where we see Sanji is giving his best to hold off against both King and Queen from Kaido’s Beasts Pirates. As shown, Marco is currently worn out, and Chopper and the Mink’s tribe are making their best effort to recover Zoro. Unknowingly, Sanji was being targeted with an arrow by Charlotte Perospero of the Big Mom Pirates. However, Nekomamushi came and stepped in the way of that shot by attacking Perospero and told him that he’s going to avenge Pedro because Perospero was responsible for Pedro’s death. Then Marco gave his last effort to attack both King and Queen and stated that he now did his part; we then see that Zoro has sliced through his bandage cast, as it seems he’s now fully recovered from the medicine from the Mink’s tribe. The scene then ends with both Zoro and Sanji attacking King and Queen, stating that Luffy is now closer to becoming the Pirate King after this battle.

This chapter itself starts to show the progress of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance, little by little. Many of the crew members have taken out the top officers from Kaido’s Beasts Pirates crew. We can perhaps expect that there will be some struggle when it comes to Killer’s fight against Basil Hawkins and Raizo’s battle against Fukorokju, but the tide may soon change in favor of those on Luffy’s alliance. The most satisfying scene from this chapter would be the splash page of Zoro and Sanji attacking both King and Queen, respectively. As it shows, both Zoro and Sanji realize their Captain’s dream may come soon and preview that their fight will be a satisfying result. As it looks now, the battle on Onigashima island is coming to an end soon.

While the story progression of Eiichiro Oda may seem long as One Piece is notoriously known, the story itself pays off well for the reader, and this arc appears to be due to end soon with a satisfying result. It probably might be safe to say we may even be closer to the finale of One Piece soon, as well, when both Zoro and Sanji making their statement about Luffy will soon become the Pirate King. So we can expect to see the next chapter of One Piece to be an exciting battle between Zoro and Sanji versus both King and Queen.

One Piece Chapter 1022: "The Stars Take the Stage" Review


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