Shadow of Mordor Free To Play This Weekend

If you followed any part of E3, you probably saw some orcs getting set on fire in that crazy demo for Shadow of War. The action hyped up a lot of fans; who wouldn’t be excited to train and lead your very own Orc army? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, luckily for you the first game in the series, Shadow of Mordor is free to play this weekend. If you have an Xbox One or Steam that is. The free trial lasts until July 9.

After that you can get the Game of the Year edition at a heavily discounted price for a limited time. It’ll be $3.99 until July 17 for Xbox One and July 10 on Steam. For the Playstation 4 it’ll be $5.99 until July 11.

Most likely the reason for this mega sale is to highlight a new feature in Shadow of War. In Mordor you can create your own personalized enemy or nemesis. With the new Nemesis Forge mode in War, your nemesis will be transferred over with all of the scars and story from your original playthrough. Your most loyal orc follower also gets carried over.

Check out the trailer for Nemesis Forge below or just take the plunge and get the full GOTY version here.

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