Dragon Ball Super, Episode 92- “Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!” Review

The Universal Tournament arc definitely seems to be the highlight arc of the Dragon Ball Super series so far. With Gohan getting back to his saiyan warrior roots, fans of theach series are geared up to see what Akira Toriyama has in store for this grand but deadly tournament. As we saw in the last episode, both Zeno’s, due to extreme boredom, started to observe the fighters from different universes, which gave viewers some additional insight on who the Universe 7 warriors will be stepping in the ring against. Although characters like Hit & Frost are familiar to most, we got a chance to see new characters Brianne de Chateau & the wolf brothers fleshed out a bit.

This episode picks up with the dreadful news of Buu not being able to wake up from his deep for another two months or so, which then causes Goku to head over to amr. Satan’s house to see how he can resolve the situation at hand. Satan tells Goku that he’s tried everything he could think of, but it was unable to wake Buu up. With three hours left until the universal tournament is a go, this definitely puts the breaks on Universe 7’s steady winning streak & can potentially cause their universe to be destroyed.

Krillin, 18 & Marron reach Bulma’s house & it is revealed to Krillin that the money he was supposed to receive if he won the tournament was a lie Goku told him to get him & 18 onto the team. As Krillin gets the bad news, the gang all sense Vegetables break out if the Room of Spirit & Time again. One can only assume that in he feels he’s obtained enough power to go toe-to-toe with these fighters from the other universes.

As with previous episodes, we did get spend a limited amount of time in the other universes. Troppo finally got the chance to meet with his teammate Kahseral, whowas held up trying to free a cat from a tree in the last episode. With a little push, Troppo was able to convince Kahseral to join his team & help save their universe from being destroyed by Zeno. We also got to see Universe 3’s strongest modified warrior Niigrisshi & Nariama, a modified robot that has pleased Mosco, universe 3’s God of Destruction.

The episode took off in a solid direction when we focused on Cabba training Caulifla to transform into a Super Saiyan. Fans have been waiting since Pan’s grounded introduction in Dragon Ball GT to see a female saiyan go Super Saiyan. Caulifla’s transformation  super saiyan transformation was quick & hardly had the impact most Super Saiyan transformations have had throughout the Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super series, but it was still a cool sight. We already know that Caulifla’s protégé Kale is the one we should be keeping our eyes on, especially since she is the one that will transform into that Broly-like super saiyan mode aka Legendary Super Saiyan.

Kale definitely gives on that innocent & timid behavior Broly did in his base form. I mean, she even has some of Broly’s attire minus the necklace he wore. I am really looking forward to seeing how Kale’s first transformation into a Super Saiyan will go & what kind of hidden anger she’ll use to awaken it. I am also holding on for hope that Toriyama will make Broly canon. All it’ll take is for Goku to see Kale transform into that Legendary Super Saiyan transformation & mention that she looks like Broly. Hey, it could happen! Broly is fighting Super Saiyan Blue Goku in that 4D Japanese movie, so we might just see Broly make it into canon.

This week’s episode was a bit on the slow side & lacked the fluid storytelling that the past few episodes had. With Caulifla pushing Kale to transform into a Super Saiyan & only 3 hours left until the tournament starts, we should definitely be back know on track with the well-balanced episodes we are used to.

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 92- "Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!" Review



  • We finally saw our first in-anime female Super Saiyan transformation
  • New characters from Universe 3 get the spotlight


  • The episode was slow
  • Caulifla's transformation was a lackluster

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