Tango Gameworks Reveals Release Date For ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’

February is going to be a heavy gaming month for gamers with Horizon Forbidden West, Sifu & Grand Turismo 7 holding our wallets hostage. March is going to be another month for gamers looking forward to Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo.

It was announced today that Ghostwire: Tokyo will officially hit the PlayStation on March 25th. Not only did Sony reveal the release date but they also confirmed that a showcase for Ghostwire: Tokyo will be tomorrow! You will be able to watch the showcase here at 5pm EST! Check out PlayStation’s Twitter post below.

Nearly all of Tokyo’s citizens have vanished mysteriously, and otherworldly spirits (known as Visitors) have invaded the city. The protagonist Akito’s supernatural powers begin to manifest. As Akito combats the spirits haunting the city, he encounters a group wearing Hannya masks who may unveil the mystery behind the strange events in Tokyo.