Twin Engine’s Original Anime ‘Bucchigire’ Gets Release Date & Trailer

Twin Engines announced this morning that they are releasing their original anime this summer. The anime is called Bucchigire & will be drawn by Shaman King’s manga creator Hiroyuki Takei. Tetsuo Hirakawa (Grimoire of Zero, YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world.) will helm the anime over at Geno Studio & Masafumi Yokota will adapt the animation. Yasuharu Takanashi is composing the music.

The story is set in the samurai era and follows seven criminals who are chosen as body doubles for the sole surviving member of the Shinsengumi police force after the rest were killed. Together they must protect the safety of Kyoto and its citizens. A top-secret operation is in the works! Will using sinners as bait work?

A teaser trailer & poster for Bucchigire was also released alongside the announcement. The anime will release simultaneously on Hikari TV & Amazon Prime this July. Check out the trailer & poster below.