The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1 Review

I never thought of what a superhero would do if by some freak mishap they lose what makes them special, their powers. Do they search for answers why? Can they go back to what life was before acquiring said powers? Is a heavy burden taken off the shoulders and things can go back to normal? The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson explores that question in this monthly miniseries comic.

Acclaimed TV writer/producer Eddie Gorodetsky (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saturday Night Live) created the story as we follow Nick into a life after superpowers. Marc Andreyko (Torso, Manhunter) writes and Steve Sadowski (Avengers Invaders, JSA Omnibus 1 and 2) illustrates. With the first issue being only 26 pages long and a limited run of 5 issues, this comic is easily accessible.

We start off with Nick entertaining a kid’s birthday party in Cleveland, Ohio. A fall from grace of sorts as he recants a mission before being thrown up on by the birthday boy. We learn also that Nick is seen as washed up in the eyes of others and is posing as a “look alike” of himself. We also get to meet Nick’s manager (self-proclaimed business manager) Hudson, who helps Nick get around town and procure weed. A car accident lands them both in the hospital with minor injuries. Instead of leaving the hospital discreetly, Nick and Hudson are caught by local paparazzo.

The nightly news releases the photo along with insight of Nick’s former abilities and bed room exploits with a credited photo from TMZ. With weed in hand, our hero hits nostalgia (and a bong) and is reminded of an old flame Jane Jenkins. He calls her to meet up for lunch and to catch up with one another. A little side note, Nick must know how to clean a glass pipe thoroughly, because throughout the series his bong is never dirtied from the amount of cannabis he has consumed!

Nick explains that one morning as he was flying over Amish country in Pennsylvania and poof!, he falls from the sky and his powers are gone. Jane goes through her life as a single mother working a 9 to 5 and living with her parents. Now, as this lunch is taking place, we are introduced to Mr. Morganfeld and his son Xavier. Very little info is given about these two at this point, but Xavier finds Nick and hands him an envelope with unknown contents ending issue 1.

Very little character development outside of Nick and Jane happens in issue 1. While other people have a certain view of Nick as washed up or a jerk, there is still something like able about him. With that being said, I can’t determine at this point if Nick cares about getting back his powers or if he is in relief that he no longer has these capabilities. Currently, there is no back story how he acquired his powers, if he was born with them or if a freak accident happened, but I hope we get a chance to see it before the run is over.

I felt the writing and art worked. We aren’t overwhelmed with multiple stories happening or crazy vibrant colors that would make the comic more fantastical. It’s very down to Earth and the interactions with Nick and others he comes across felt genuine and not forced. As a novice comic book reader, I was satisfied after reading issue one and while continue to follow the series to the end. And no, I didn’t pick to review this because the main character is named Nick.








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