Batman: The World Official Trailer Released

DC released a trailer for their upcoming hardcover anthology comic book Batman: The World! Check out the trailer below!

Marking Batman’s international influence on popular culture, DC will release a first-of-its-kind publishing event, Batman: The  World. This massive 184-page hardcover anthology launches globally in 14 international markets on Tuesday, September 14, and features Batman stories by top creative teams across the globe. These stories will take place in their home countries and each version of BATMAN: THE WORLD will be localized and distributed in the following territories: United States , Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey.

Batman has long fought his war on crime within the dark and twisted confines of Gotham City. But when he looks beyond the bridges, alleys, and skyscrapers, the Dark Knight realizes that the call for justice knows no borders, and there are wrongs to be righted everywhere. When Bruce Wayne’s travels take him around the globe, Batman is there to stop any wrongdoings that may arise. No matter where in the world he is, he is always Batman!

Batman’s war on crime goes worldwide in this new hardcover anthology, Batman: The World. This 184-page book is a first-of-its-kind publishing event, featuring stories from Batman’s past and present told by top creative teams from across the globe, taking place in their home countries. This incredible hardcover collection also features a sketchbook section detailing some of the unique Batman suit designs shown within the stories!

The international all-star teams include:
 United States: Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo
 France: Mathieu Gabella and Thierry Martin
 Spain: Paco Roca
 Italy: Alessandro Bilotta and Nicola Mari
 Germany: Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant
 Czech Republic: Stěpán Kopřiva and Michal Suchánek
 Russia: Kirill Kutuzov, Egor Prutov, and Natalia Zaidova
 Turkey: Ertan Ergil and Ethem Onur Bilgiç
 Poland: Tomasz Kolodziejczak, Piotr Kowalski, and Brad Simpson
 Mexico: Alberto Chimal and Rulo Valdés
 Brazil: Carlos Estefan and Pedro Mauro
 South Korea: Inpyo Jeon, Jaekwang Park, and Junggi Kim
 China: Xu Xiaodong, Lu Xiaotong, Qiu Kun, and Yi Nan
 Japan: Okadaya Yuichi

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