Moon Knight Episode 6: “Gods and Monsters” Review & Recap

The episode starts off pulling at the heartstrings by playing Earl Grant’s “The End” song, letting us know that this is the last episode & hinting at this possibly being the end for Steven. We then see one of Harrow’s goons pull Marc/Steven from the water & take the Ammit statue. Layla, still in the tomb, witnesses Harrow fusing the sculpture with his staff as he marches forth to “heal the world”. Layla cries over Marc/Steven as she realizes that they are gone &once again places him back in the water & heads off to get revenge on Harrow.

Meanwhile, as Harrow is heading off to revive Ammit, he is approached by police. As the police ask for his papers, he uses the power of Ammit to remove their souls except for one of the officers, who he deemed a good man.

Layla has disguised herself as one of Harrow’s followers & is getting ready to take him down until one of the dead bodies begins to tell her to stop. Unbeknownst to Layla, the body is possessed by Taweret, who tells her that she must find Khonshu’s ushabti to release Khonshu & revive Marc.

Now here is where things start getting really interesting & questionable. Harrow breaks his way into one of the pyramids where the avatars of the Egyptian gods are congregated. The Egyptian gods try to make a stand against Harrow, but they are quickly taken down. Now, I initially questioned Harrow being able to take down the gods promptly, but he did state that they were not warriors but judges, so I guess their power wasn’t strong enough to handle him. Harrow then unleashed Ammit, who I must say looks great! Ammit confronts Harrow about his scales not being balanced & Harrow accepts his fate, but Ammit tells him that his death has been delayed & that she has chosen him to become her new avatar, to which Harrow accepts.

Layla unleashes Khonshu & as expected, he tries to manipulate her into becoming his new avatar since he does not sense Marc amongst the living. Even though Khonshu continues with his manipulation, it doesn’t land with Layla & she tells him that they’ll work together, but she will not enslave herself by becoming his avatar. Khonshu becomes annoyed & leaves Layla to stop Ammit himself.

As all hell is breaking loose in the living world, Marc, who is still in the Field of Reeds, looks on at this peaceful space with Taweret, who tells him that Steven is no longer here & to enjoy his peace. However, Marc doesn’t want this peace without Steven & leaves the Field of Reeds to find a Steven still frozen in the sand. Marc thanks Steven for saving him on the ship, but he’s also becoming frozen due to the sand. But this is only temporarily as the Gates of Osiris open & Marc & Steven are revived. A massive wave of sand rolls towards Marc & Steven, but they are saved by Taweret & continue to run towards the gates.

Khonshu & Ammit stop the small talk & finally fight, but the fight is one-sided & Khonshu is being tossed around like a ragdoll. It looks like Khonshu is about to get his wings clipped until Marc & Steven cross through the gates & Khonshu senses them. Marc has been revived & his suit takes form around him as he heads out to confront Khonshu, who is waiting for him outside of the tomb. Khonshu is asking for Marc’s help to defeat Ammit, but Steven steps in to negotiate with Khonshu about releasing him after this is done, to which Khonshu agrees. Khonshu lends Marc his powers & Marc shoots towards the sky in an epic takeoff.

Layla helps discovers a wounded Osiris & helps him try to escape. Osiris tells Layla that she can only defeat Ammit if several gods’ avatars bind her into a mortal body & then his avatar dies. Layla then becomes a temporary avatar of Taweret & heads off to stand against Ammit.

Harrow heads to the top of the pyramid & calls out for his followers to judge everyone in the surrounding area. Harrow’s followers cause many to lose their souls but cause the souls to be eaten by Ammit, who is increasing in size. Marc flies in to stop Harrow from releasing souls & a fight between Harrow & Marc/Steven & Ammit & Khonshu takes place. Harrow begins to get the upper hand over Marc but is swiftly kicked to the side by Layla, who now possesses golden armored wings. The fight between Marc/Steven, Layla & Harrow was one of the highlights of this episode! We get to see Marc & Steven swap out easily during this battle because they are now balanced & trust each other fully. The second highlight is that we got another tease of Jake! Yes, we knew Jake Lockley was in the show, but we know for sure now.

After Marc/Steve & Layla trap Ammit inside Harrow, Khonshu tells Marc to execute Harrow since Ammit is sealed within him. Still, he refuses and orders Khonshu to release him & Steven from their service, which he reluctantly does. Marc & Steven are brought back to the mental asylum, but they refuse to acknowledge this as reality & are brought back to their everyday reality.

The episode ends with Marc/Steven tied up to their bed, but we get a post-credit scene that shows a disabled Harrow being abducted from a psychiatric hospital & is later executed by the one & only Jake Lockley, who is the third alter within Marc/Steven. However, before Harrow is killed, Khonshu lets him know that the real avatar he’s wanted all along is Jake.

Moon Knight Episode 6: "Gods and Monsters" Review & Recap





  • Great action
  • Layla definitely shined bright in this episode
  • We finally get to see a balanced Moon Knight in action
  • Jake Lockley finally makes his full presence known


  • The battle between Khonshu & Ammit was a lackluster