Pokémon’s ‘A Ripple in Time’ Anime Short Released

On Saturday, The Pokémon Company International started streaming the short for their “A Ripple in Time” art exhibition collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham. A Ripple in Time consists of five anime shorts that will be 6 minutes long. The exhibition will be held in Tokyo, Japan this month & will be produced with Arsham & Kunihiko Yuyama.

Fans may be delighted to know that Arsham’s stone Pokémon sculptures & paintings will be on display & will include Pikachu & Charizard.  The events will be held at the following locations: Nanzuka Underground, Sogetsu Plaza, Nanzuka 2G, Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza, &  3110NZ by LDH Kitchen.

Check out the anime short below!