Sony to Split Silver & Black In Two

With the superhero genre flying especially high, and their own now PG-13 rated blockbuster Venom soon on the way, Sony has announced some new alterations in the plans for their peripheral Spider-Man cinematic universe.

This universe, which has been mounting ever since the deals with Marvel Studios that resulted in Spider-Man joining the MCU two years ago, promises to explore characters from the webslinger’s mythos via solo films that are not-quite in continuity with the MCU films, with minimal interaction from Spider-Man himself.

After Venom, the next of these films was to be Silver & Black, a shared action film written by Lindsey Beer of Godzilla vs Kong and Geneva Robertson-Dworet of Captain Marvel and this year’s Tomb Raider, and directed by Love & Basketball’s Gina Prince-Bythwood. As the snappy name implies, the film was set to star Peter Parker’s not-quite-criminal ally and former love interest Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, and his sometimes antagonist, sometimes ally Silver Sable.

However, this week – after a long period of delays and rewrites – Sony has announced that they now plan to split this duo film into a pair of solo features: one for Black Cat, and one for Silver Sable.

This may prove to be a blessing in disguise: the two characters come with very distinct designs and themes that may each well carry a film on their own. Black Cat being a Catwoman-esque thief with – on occasion – the ability to create bad luck for her enemies, could be well suited to a sly heist movie, complete with cunning escapes and plot twist gambits, especially with films like this year’s Ocean’s 11 and previously Ant-Man bringing this genre back into the limelight.


And Silver Sable, being a mercenary who leads the Wild Pack – a group that goes into problem areas and fights superhumans, conspiracies and everything in between, could be well suited for an Expendables-esque action flick on her own.

Sony has also recently indicated that they would be open to both having more characters appear in Marvel Studios’ MCU films, as well as perhaps having characters from those films appear in their own, and both characters would be well suited to appearances in shape or form across both universes. Seeing Black Cat and Ant-Man vie for the same target, or the Wild Pack go up against the Winter Soldier, would make for some very cool scenes.

Sony Pictures also plans to make movies for long-time Spider-Man antagonist Morbius the Living Vampire, and relatively recent similarly spider-powered ally Silk. These projects have so far only been announced, with not much information about how those plans are progressing, but they have also recently expanded those goals to include Jackpot and Nightwatch movies as well. The plans after that are up in the air, but one thing’s for sure: geeks like us are unlikely to be bored!

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