Days Gone Gameplay Reveal at E3

For those that were impressed by Days Gone reveal at E3 last year, this year’s PlayStation’s E3 conference expanded on what we have seen previously. When I watch the gameplay footage, I can’t help but feel that that this is the game we would get if you were to fuse The Last Of Us and The Walking Dead, and I mean that in the best possible way possible.

In the gameplay demo that we saw, there were various other infected creatures outside of humans. We get to see our lead character Deacon escape from some infected wolves on his motorcycle, and just when he thinks he’s safe he gets taken off of his bike by a trap set up in the road by some hostile, non infected human enemies. It’s good too see a wider variety of enemies in the world, which I think should keep the game and most importantly, the combat fresh.

Moments before the demo ended we also get a look at in infected bear wrapped in barbed wire, which tells a tale on it’s own about the world that the game is set in. Of course we got more footage of a massive infected horse affecting how you would approach certain situations, highlighting the game’s stealth elements.

We also got a look at various environments, weather conditions, vehicle combat and a deeper look at different combat mechanics. We get to see Deacon set up a bear trap, throw a rock, and distract a group of enemies to sneak around. We’ve also learned that the zombies are generated randomly, which will keep the players on their toes and provide some cool water cooler moments about how each person’s playthrough varied from another’s. Unfortunately the release date for Days Gone hasn’t been announced, but stay tuned for more info as it’s released.

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