Mark Strong In Talks To Star In WB’s Shazam As Doctor Sivana

Warner Bros. Pictures is slowly pushing out interesting & heavy information about their upcoming Shazam film. We know that Zachary Levi was announced to be playing Shazam jn the movie, but we’ve yet to hear who the villain for the film will be.

The Wrap announced today that Mark Strong is in talks to playthe villain  Doctor Sivana in the film. Strong is not new to playing the villain for WB in a DC related film. Strong was in the 2011 WB Green Lantern film as Sinestro, who was the villain of the film. If String joined the film, this would be a grand move in his part, as he could then return to the ironed out DC Cinematic Universe & take a potentially prominent role as a villain via the Shazam films. DoctorSivana is Shazam‘s arch nemesis. Sivana is a brilliant evil mastermind was the first to figure out Shazam’s identity.

Shazam is scheduled to hit theaters on April 5, 2019 & will star Zachary Levi as Shazam. The film will be directed by David Sandberg.

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