Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Episode 6 – ‘The Final Lesson’ Review

I remember when they announced Boruto was going to be a thing. I was honestly really surprised, were they doing this for that fans, or were they doing this for money? It really seems like the money because as the episodes go on, it just doesn’t capture the same magic that Naruto did and it doesn’t feel like they are even trying to.

This week’s episode continues off of last weeks with Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki being lured into the woods by their teacher Shino who is possessed by what appears to be a purple smoke spirit of sorts, the seasons antagonist up to this point that has taken over several other people at this point. The whole episode is mainly the three youths trying to get away from their clearly more powerful teacher (though he is a bit grumpy because his students made fun of him and he doesn’t feel all that powerful) and coming up with a plan to take him down.

We get more of an understanding of Mitsuki who joined the anime last episode, it is very obvious of what his character progression will be. He makes comments that they should kill their Sensei since he is out to kill them, clearly someone who thinks those are the only way to solve problems. It’s things like this and previous comments he made last episode that show he is very unfamiliar with people and emotions and that is where his character development will lie.

After Shikadai devises a plan that doesn’t involve killing, they lure Shino into a trap where Boruto plays the decoy to grab his Sensei’s attention. Mitsuki takes one for the team to take him out drowning in the process. He is rescued by Boruto…who is then rescued by the now un-posessed Shino.

Mitsuki learns a lesson about people, Shikadai shows his strategic prowess, just like his father, Boruto is still everybody’s friend, and Shino gets praise from his students giving him a confidence boost to continue teaching. Everyone wins! Just a bit to cliche for me to be honest. It follows the traditional anime troupe a little to closely, everything that we have seen up to this point has been done before and there really isn’t a sense of originality minus there being a new cast of characters. Even that is somewhat of an issue as some characters like Shikadai and Inojin are literally carbon copies of their parents in terms of personality, at least Inojin doesn’t look like Sai.


The episode ends with Shino bringing this news to Naruto (Who i’m actually happy hasn’t shown up too much at this point to steal the spotlight) about his possession and acknowledge that there have been a ton of weird happenings in Konoha. I am curious when Boruto will tell his parents that he has the Byakugan and can see these spirits, just feels weird that he hasn’t done so yet. But hopefully when he does, this will lead to the shows first major arc and can separate Boruto from his predecessor because to this point, it’s felt a little too similar.